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Welcome to Samsung Security Reporting

As the leading provider of innovative products, we recognize the importance of protecting our users' security and privacy


At Samsung, we recognize the importance of security and privacy of our users as the IT environment is experiencing increased volume of security threats from rapid development and evolution of technologies through mobile platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), appliances, and 5G network infrastructures.

We take security and privacy of our Samsung's products and services very seriously, and across all business units in Samsung, our dedicated security team continuously audits Samsung products and services so that our users' security and privacy are protected at all times.

One of our priorities is to respond to emerging security threats and vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, and this site is intended to help you report any potential security vulnerabilities in Samsung products or services.

Please understand that some business units of Samsung offers bug bounty program for the security vulnerabilities reported, and depending on the target, security impact, severity, and eligibility, security vulnerability reports may or may not be covered through the respective bug bounty programs.

For more information, please see below to find out how you can report potential security vulnerabilities found in Samsung products and services.

Reporting Channels

Please report potential security vulnerabilities of Samsung products and services to the corresponding business unit's reporting channel below.

  • channel images


    Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, Smart Home, Computers, Apps & Services

  • channel images

    TV & Home Theaterhome

    TV, Sound Bar, Apps & Services

  • channel images


    Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, Vacuums, Air Conditioners, Air Dressers

  • channel images

    Network Equipmentemail

    Baseband, Radio, Massive MIMO Radio, Access Unit, Cloud Native Core, Automation Platform, Analytics

  • channel images


    DRAM, SSD, Memory Card, Magician Software

  • channel images


    Application Processor, Communication Processor, SIM, NFC, Secure Element

  • channel images


    e-store, Websites, Other


Disclosure Policy

At Samsung, we take security and privacy issues very seriously, and we value the security research community with our commitment to address potential security vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. The responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities helps us ensure the security and privacy of our end-consumers.

We ask our security research community to:

  • Make every effort to avoid privacy violations, degradation of user experience, disruption to internal or external servers, and destruction of data or physical assets during security testing;
  • Use reporting guidelines stated above to report details of potential vulnerabilities as complete as possible; and
  • Keep information about the potential vulnerability discovered confidential between yourself and Samsung until we have remedy in place.
  • Restrain from using any exploits or vulnerabilities for commercial or business purpose.

In return, we commit to:

  • Work with you to understand and resolve the potential vulnerability quickly;
  • Make our best effort to resolve security vulnerabilities, and release patches to end-consumers on following Schedule & Reward Program table.
Mobile TV & Home Theater Appliances Network Equipment Memory Exynos Others
Expected Patch Release schedule(Best Effort) Details Schedule for security updates
Reward Program - - -
Expected Patch Release schedule
(Best Effort)
Reward Program
Mobile Details
TV & Home Theater Schedule for security updates
Appliances -
Network Equipment -
Others -

After reporting security vulnerabilities, the corresponding business unit may change, and the policy of the business unit in charge is followed.